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IDO – Initial DEX Offering –

Number of WLTR
【Token Lockup】Until March 31, 2022
【Sales Period】 From September 20 to November 26
【November 30 DEX Listing Price】1WLTR=0.09$

【IDO Buyers Bonus】
Users who purchased from IDO until the lockup is lifted
On the 25th of every month, 2% of the number of WLTR purchased will be air-dropped to the wallet where it was purchased.
The lockup will not be applied to the air-dropped tokens.

【Airdrop Period】 From October 25, 2021 to March 25, 2022

【Token Name】 World Lottery
【Symbol】 WLTR
【Smart Contract Address】 0xa9920EFBFBE108C87F0d34F4172E30Db33384C58


  • Lottery

    Provides a fraud-free lottery by Defi.

    The winning money is returned 90% to the user.

    Staking x lottery allows you to enjoy a lottery where the principal is never lost.

    As users use the lottery system, the value of the token increases.

  • Staking

    It is possible to earn interest by depositing WLTR for a certain period of time.

    Not only capital gains, but also income gains can be expected.

    Staking rewards are secured by mining.