We are pleased to announce that the IEO review for IDCM Hong Kong and IDCM Taiwan has finally passed.
IDCM's head office has over 1 million registered accounts and was ranked 2nd in the world in trading volume in July 2020. 

The IDCM headquarters has more than 1 million registered account holders and will become the world's second largest trading company in July 2020.

Purchase start date will be announced on the website and SNS. 

IDCM Hong Kong (Headquarters)
Number of registered accounts: 1 million
July 2021 trading volume: 2nd in the world

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Token Name]
World Lottery


Smart Contract Address]

Total number of contracts issued: 4 billion 
IDO, IEO 15% 600 million
Initial liquidity 2.5% 100 million

Operations 25% 1 billion

Marketing 20% 800 million

Ecosystem 20% 800 million

Platform 10% 400 million

Administrative BOT 7.5% 300 million